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    Finding your muse in the Raval Neighborhood


    Few years ago the Raval was a neighborhood with almost no tourism, described by some as dismal and unattractive. However, its reputation has achieve an important turnaround in recent years, and it has become a focal point of the artistic and design community in Barcelona.

    It is probably one of the most multicultural neighborhood of Barcelona, ​​where Catalan,Chinese, Indian and Pakistani communities coexist. It gives to the Raval a unique and colorful atmosphere. It is a neighborhood where lately the themes of art, culture and design have been promoted. Many places that were recently opened, invite us to contemplation and daydream. You’ll surely find there your daily dose of inspiration. Whether they are open places of a lifetime, or newly opened, everyone will find their corner to change of scene and eventually find their muse.

    The Botero Cat

    This sculpture from Botero, a famous Colombian artist, cannot go unseen at all. With its adorable little face, its curious mustache, it calls the gaze of those who are strolling around the Rambla del Raval.

    Formerly on this site, people say that there was a magical fountain, which is why the place has kept a charming and mystical vibe.

    If the sculpture sounds familiar to you, perhaps you have seen its twin at the Barcelona airport, a horse with the same proportions, from the same artist.


    Terrace of the Barcelo Raval

    The terrace 360 ​​of the hotel BarceloRaval has undoubtedly one of the best views of Barcelona. You are looking for wonderful sunsets and good cocktails? Look no further, you have found the perfect place. This tower located on the Rambla del Raval will make you fall in love with the landscape of the Catalan capital.



    macba raval coworkidea

    Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona, MACBA

    The MACBA, Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona, is a museum always seeking original and new trends, and regularly new exhibitions. The building is quite impressive, with a lot of natural light, which is great when walking through its corridors. We suggest you to just sit and enjoy the atmosphere of the square in front of the building, the show is guaranteed by the skaters of the square.

    Info: there is an admission charge access, but some sundays you can enter for free.


    cccb raval near coworkidea

    CCCB, © Adrià Goula


    Center of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona, ​​the CCCB

    Contemporary art enthusiasts, it’s your place! The CCCB is a hive of activity each year: it offers a varied programme of temporary and permanent exhibitions. For instance each year is organized the famous World Press Photo exhibition, that attracts many visitors. It is a lively place, where conferences, events, or short films are organized. For curious people, looking for original events, each month takes place the poetry slam, a meeting of the modern poets of Barcelona.

    And icing on the cake, on weekends the CCCB offers access to its viewpoint, with an exceptional perspective. From the fifth floor of the building, you can enjoy the amazing views over the city of Barcelona, ​​with the sea, the Gothic quarter, Montjuic and Tibidabo.

    teatre cccb raval coworkideaTEATRE CCCB. CCCB © Lourdes Jansana



    The Cinematheque (Filmoteca in spanish) is a public site that is responsible for the conservation and more broadly the dissemination of the cinematographic and audiovisual culture. They usually organize events with a wide range of interesting topics, about mythical actors or directors who has marked the history of cinema. Without a doubt, if you look for art-house cinema, in original version, look no further, it is definitely your place. In addition, the entrance price of the events is really affordable (around 3 euros for a screening).

    If you want to eat something after the screening of a good short movie, you’ll find the Bar La Monroe just in front of the building. It is a good place to gather, to philosophize about life, or simply to have a drink and relax on the terrace during the hot summer days. The warm staff makes you feel at home! Trust us, the nachos and the sandwiches are delicious, with a good quality/price relationship.


    coworkidea raval filmoteca

    @Filmoteca de Catalunya

    Llantiol Theater

    It is the typical theater that has been here since the dawn of time. It is a place to have a good time, in company of the latest humorists, small but intimate. On Sunday at 12:00am, they usually present the play Vermunólogos. A real treat! The ticket is generally worth around 10 euros, and you can buy here, but it’s advisable to book online. You can have drinks there, but beware of carrying cash, they don’t accept credit card payments!

    Walk down Tallers street

    Next to Coworkidea, there is an alternative and original street of the Raval neighbourhood, Carrer Tallers. It’s a nice pedestrian walk, full of thrift stores, and even places where you can buy clothes by weight. From vinyl records to old polaroid cameras, you’ll sure find some nice place to be inspired. Some bars will surprise you with its underground atmosphere, like The Nevermind, half skatepark, half punk bar. It definitely has the same atmosphere as Candem Town in London, but in catalan version.

    Bodega Armando

    You’ll feel the soul of the Raval in this Bodega. Armando manages his bar alone, like an orchestra conductor would direct his ensemble with a master’s touch: freshly prepared bread with tomato, good ham cut into very thin slices, matured cheese, handmade Vermouth, wine … It seems that the time has stopped in the small bar. Pay attention to the sewing machine table and the vintage decoration, everything could be from another time… For sure this is an atmosphere that will seduce the most nostalgic! In short, it is a perfect place to chat for a while, to meet the inhabitants of the neighbourhood and to immerse yourself in the unique ambiance of the neighborhood.


    Now that you have filled your mind with inspiration, go feed your stomach with our recommendations about the best restaurants around Coworkidea. 🙂