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    Our origins

    Coworkidea was born in 2011 when the number of coworking spaces in Barcelona did not reach 40. The sector grew and we grew with it, because in a few years the city became an international hub for startups and entrepreneurs. The place we occupied on the fourth floor of the emblematic building where we are was too small. So in 2015, some coworkers from the initial community decided to associate to open a second space on the first floor. Since then, our intention has been to be much more than a space. For us the main thing is people. We are here ‘for and by the community’.


    Our Identity


    We like to make sure that the environment is ideal for working and that synergies flow. Our community is full of talent, of professionals who collaborate with each other in an atmosphere of trust and companionship. More than 60% of our coworkers (or happeners, as we like to call ourselves) participate together in different projects. But we also like to share moments of leisure and fun. Our community has a great variety of profiles: digital professionals, creatives, designers, architects, engineers, artists… Each one adds up.

    There are three values that are in our DNA: collaboration, enthusiasm and altruism. We think that in order to grow we have to share. Do you believe in human potential, empathy, motivation and growth through connections? If you define yourself like that, you are a happener and your place is Coworkidea!