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A company specialized in cloud computing. Services oriented to push and improve the productivity of your business through ad-hoc development.


  • Tailor made development
  • API’s developments and integrations
  • Business Intelligence and data processing
  • CRM implementations
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Alberto Santos Benito
Cofounder - Senior Developer
Pere Torán
Cofounder - Senior Developer
Beatriz Avis
Junior Developer
José Luis López
Senior Developer
"Thanks to Coworkidea I could make my collaborators network." Alberto Santos
"I like to work in such a diverse environment." José Luis
"The Coworking space makes things so easy that I would never change it for having my own office" Pere Toran

Toni Valiente

Outsourcing of corporate services.

Administrative, accounting and financial management for entrepreneurs and for SMB.

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Toni Valiente
Accounting and Finances Freelancer


Classlife is the all-in-one platform that allows you to organize and coordinate all the people and resources of your school efficiently, reducing costs and time. Helping you have a complete overview of the activities, follow-up people progress and manage all areas of your school.

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Mario Espósito
CEO - Founder
Rosó Güell
Commercial management/ clients
Alex Sanchez
Junior Developer
Beatriz Romera
"CoworkIdea is ideal for startups on their launching and growing phase, it lets us optimize the time, personnel and financial planning resources." Mario
"The quality of the facilities with various diaphanous spaces stimulate the creativity and let us work comfortably and motivated" Rosó


In AtikStudio we develop the identity and the digital communication of our clients to bring it to a next level, setting out global strategies and trans-media solutions.

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Jesús Arpón
Graphic designer


Techical assistance services for all the agents of the construction industry.

Project Management, works management and technical office for constructors.

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Alberto Cañas Alonso
Co-founder and technical architect
Pau Esteban Salvador
Co-founder and Civil engineer
Sergio Alonso
"The coworking has changed my life" Pau
"The coworking space provides us collaborations and synergies in a very easy way" Alberto


Komodore is a startup which is developing a chatbot to improve the tourist apartments hosts’ management during their guests’ stay.

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Miguel Escobar
"It attracted my attention the capacity of partnering, something which makes me feel good." Miguel

La Taula

LA TAULA  is the space existing between people. It isn’t an object, it is a methodology, a process.

Consultancy (Strategy + creativity)

Comunication (Content + design)

Production (Concept + shape)

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Marta Domeneq
Cultural consultant and manager
Albert Soler
Consultant and creative

Let’s Follow!

Influencers for your brand

We are a company specialized in the influencers and social media marketing.

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María Peralta
Operations Manager
"At Coworkidea I found a space where I can foccus and make the most of my working time, but also, it is a space full of cool, funny and professional people with whom I enjoy interacting with. "


Startup specialized in the ad hoc web creation, with a personalized accompaniment. We make the design and the page programming, but also run the search engine positioning: SEO, social networks management, blog articles writing, and the newsletters delivery.

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Antoine Jouve
Director and founder. Web Developer
Anouk Jodry
Digital projects Director
Charles Helbling
Web Developer
"We are glad to be in this space full of light and talent."


I am a writer and a digital strategist who helps companies to improve their visibility. I offer SEO services, copywriting, content strategy and online marketing advice.
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Laura Jimenez
SEO & copywriter
"What I like the most of Coworkidea is its environment. It is definetely more than just a nice working space, the collaborations between the coworkers are real"


In Maap we do restoration and construction improvements and  in general the construction management.

We also do ITE inspection, energetic certification, planning and urban planning.

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Albert Comerma
Montse Moncunill
Alba Romera
"In Coworkidea we've created our own network of collaborators, which has given us several opportunities to work in many new projects"


StrollAround is a kids equipment rental service in Barcelona. We offer a wide selection of children’s products: buggies, travel cots, car seats (among others) with the possibility of renting per day, per week or per month.

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Jean-Baptiste Carles

Global Arquitectes

Global arquitectes was born from the architectural studio Doñate arquitectes associats slp, with a trajectory of more than 40 years. A generation change with new values and with the need of getting closer to people and to follow basis of the bio-architecture.

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Albert Clusella
Laia Doñate

Out of The Box

Out of The Box organizes outdoors interactive games with some characteristic features of the well known Escape Rooms.

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Alexandra Maxim
Sales and events manager
"At Coworkidea I've found what I've been looking for, nice people in a nice environment."


We are a free affiliate network of ecommerce in Europe. Thanks to Transactionale, our partners acquire new clients, increase their conversions, obtain highly qualified leads from real shoppers, and monetize their customer base.

All this through cross-selling and co-marketing actions between non-competitor partners of the Affiliation Network.

Official website
Marianna Chillau
Co-founder - CEO
Francesco Taurino
Business Developer
Nil Espinar
Business Developer
Ancare Velasco
Business Developer

Barrio Digital

Barrio Digital is a collective of 30 marketing experts around the world. We work on digital marketing and business transformation and development.

We offer a flexible model of consultancy for startups. We will support you with our high expertised team while you’ll need it in a very practical and affordable way.

Official website
Pilar Barrio
Founder & Marketing Consultant

ANCLA Headhunting+

ANCLA Headhunting+ is a new way of recruiting, more human, closer and tailor-made. The human factor, the trust and our personalized services make the difference.

  • Personal recruitment and headhunting
  • Professional orientation
  • Training and development
Official website
Gemma Llobet
Cofounder & Headhunter
Africa Moreno
Cofounder & Headhunter

Amigo Tours

Amigo Tours is a division of Amigo Group, a travel company which operates tours in 7 countries of Latin America and Europe.

Official website
Greta Borzí
Coordinator in Barcelona

Barcelona Ingeniería

We are an association of engineers and architects that offer engineering and architecture services for industrials, developers and individuals. We carry out projects of sanitary electrical installations, air conditioning, energy efficiency, structures, etc.

We advise for your projects to be efficient economically and environmentally

Official Website
Gerard Rosell
Technical industrial engineer
Xavier Peña
Technical industrial engineer


We promote the creative thinking, the communication and innovation through the Visual Thinking, the data display and the inphographics. We offer consultancy to the companies in all these fields. We design visual and educational resources for the facilitation of creative practices.
Official website
Henry Naranjo

TRGT Digital

We are a team of the best digital marketers from around the world, running large scale advertising campaigns on Facebook and Adwords.

We spend time on your marketing, not ours – 100% of clients recommend our services and mostly come to us from word of mouth.

As a remote company we give you access to the best digital marketeers out there, and with no office costs you get lower rates too

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Andrea Sericola
Performance Director & Partner
Dmitry Kuvshinskiy
Performance Director
Carlotta Constanzo
Senior Campaign Manager
Jan Mónaco
Campaing manager

Misterio Studio

We predict your future, organize barefooted exhibitions and design with fairies. Sometimes we also dress like a normal person, go to some meetings and this kind of things. We usually say what we do in English, then people take us more seriously: “Art direction, branding, cultural projects”.

Official website
Silvana Sohu
Illustrator, designer and art director

Lucía Prade

I help companies and entrepreneurs to connect with the people which are looking for them. Through marketing strategies, content and online advertising campaigns, we search for the best path to reach the proposed objectives.



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Lucia Prade
Marketing Strategist
"Coworkidea is an ideal space, its community is receptive and very diverse. It is easy and productive to do networking and to exchange experiences. I really like the care and the attention that Ruth and Alba give to the space and the people, they do it with love and the result shows it. "

Ofelia Alberti

I offer SEO services to optimize websites in Italian, English, and Spanish. I can also offer audit and strategic advisory services.

Official website
Ofelia Alberti
Multilingual SEO consultant & copywriter
"I love Coworkidea with its community full of synergies!" Ofelia Alberti