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    A company specialized in cloud computing. Services oriented to push and improve the productivity of your business through ad-hoc development.


    • Tailor made development
    • API’s developments and integrations
    • Business Intelligence and data processing
    • CRM implementations
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    Alberto Santos Benito
    Cofounder - Senior Developer
    Pere Torán
    Cofounder - Senior Developer
    Beatriz Avis
    Junior Developer
    "Thanks to Coworkidea I could make my collaborators network." Alberto Santos
    "I like to work in such a diverse environment." José Luis
    "The Coworking space makes things so easy that I would never change it for having my own office" Pere Toran

    Toni Valiente

    Outsourcing of corporate services.

    Administrative, accounting and financial management for entrepreneurs and for SMB.

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    Toni Valiente
    Accounting and Finances Freelancer

    Buildmate Construction Managers

    Techical assistance services for all the agents of the construction industry.

    Project Management, works management and technical office for constructors.

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    Alberto Cañas Alonso
    Co-founder and technical architect
    Pau Esteban Salvador
    Co-founder and Civil engineer
    Sergio Alonso
    "The coworking has changed my life" Pau
    "The coworking space provides us collaborations and synergies in a very easy way" Alberto

    Lau Barberán

    I am an advertising creative and is my great communication and content generation project. Together with my team we create ideas and manage them to make your projects come true.

    If you think your ideas need a refresh, let’s chat!

    Lau Barberán
    Content creator
    "I like teamwork and debating ideas."


    In AtikStudio we develop the identity and the digital communication of our clients to bring it to a next level, setting out global strategies and trans-media solutions.

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    Jesús Arpón
    Graphic designer


    In Maap we do restoration and construction improvements and  in general the construction management.

    We also do ITE inspection, energetic certification, planning and urban planning.

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    Albert Comerma
    Montse Moncunill
    Alba Romera
    "In Coworkidea we've created our own network of collaborators, which has given us several opportunities to work in many new projects"

    Sara Mercadé

    Nowadays, she works on housing renovation projects to build habitable and healthy houses.

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    Sara Mercadé
    Bioconstruction architect
    "I love Coworkidea with its community full of synergies!" Sara Mecadé

    Barcelona Ingeniería

    We are an association of engineers and architects that offer engineering and architecture services for industrials, developers and individuals. We carry out projects of sanitary electrical installations, air conditioning, energy efficiency, structures, etc.

    We advise for your projects to be efficient economically and environmentally

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    Gerard Rosell
    Technical industrial engineer
    Xavier Peña
    Technical industrial engineer
    Andrés Nasarre Salinas
    Technical industrial engineer
    "A pleasure to work in an environment surrounded by professionals who are always willing to help."

    We Link

    We are a Freight Forwarder.
    We move any kind of merchandise around the world by land, sea and air.

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    Albert Clusella

    Coco D’Mor

    Specialized in designing global projects within the BRANDING and PUBLISHING world. It offers services ranging from art direction to coordination with other collaborators. He also has experience in ILLUSTRATION of various styles, thus offering tailor-made creative solutions for his clients. He has worked with clients such as Santillana, Tekman, Incipy and Morillas.

    Natalia Pereira
    Graphic designer - Illustrator
    "At Coworkidea they give me the flexibility I want and I can be in contact with many clients."

    Oriol Alella

    I have a wedding and studio photography business @oriolalella_studio. Currently, I have photographed weddings and events in various countries such as Australia, the United States, Germany, Switzerland, Portugal, the United Kingdom, and have worked for prominent companies such as Estrella Damm and FC Barcelona.

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    Oriol Alella
    "I am happy to be able to share time with the wonderful people at Coworkidea, where I can work on editing photos and focus on the marketing of my company @oriolalella_studio."

    Lucía Prade

    I help companies and entrepreneurs to connect with the people which are looking for them. Through marketing strategies, content and online advertising campaigns, we search for the best path to reach the proposed objectives.



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    Lucia Prade
    Marketing Strategist
    "Coworkidea is an ideal space, its community is receptive and very diverse. It is easy and productive to do networking and to exchange experiences. I really like the care and the attention that Ruth and Alba give to the space and the people, they do it with love and the result shows it. "


    We are Creaticos, a different digital agency. We created a digital agency focused on developing true interactive experiences for our clients.
    We are passionate about what we do and we try to transmit it in every project we produce.

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    Chief Operating Officer
    Head of Business Development
    Project Manager


    Startup specialized in the ad hoc web creation, with a personalized accompaniment. We make the design and the page programming, but also run the search engine positioning: SEO, social networks management, blog articles writing, and the newsletters delivery.

    Official website
    Antoine Jouve
    Director and founder. Web Developer
    Morgane Maunier
    Digital projects Director
    Charles Helbling
    Web Developer
    "We are glad to be in this space full of light and talent."