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    After work in Coworkidea


    Is there anything more pleasurable than ending the workday having everything checked off your TO DO list? Yes, get out of Coworkidea and let it still be daylight. This gift that summer gives us allows us to enjoy the sun and return home having done much more than what the list of things to do indicated.

    As many of you already know that we are in the center of Barcelona, ​​​​a city that has no rest and at all times, regardless of the season, will propose irresistible plans.

    Due to our privileged location, the number and variety of planes to take into account when finishing work is dangerous for the undecided, but without fear, there are many summer days ahead, enough to do several of them.

    Taking a bike and going down to the beach is one of the plans that is presented on the podium along with going to the movies in search of disconnection. Floridablanca, Aribau Cinema or Cine Yelmo Comedia are the 3 closest. Or why not go to the theater? The Goya Theater, just a 3-minute walk away, offers a program for all tastes. Of course, these last planes are preceded by a few beers on a terrace. What do you think about Savta, La sureña or Nevermind?

    Even after the beers, you can go on a surprising walk along Calle Tallers. This street is an adventure in itself, beginning with the challenge of having to dodge skaters, bikes and scooters, which pass at the speed of light

    A few meters from its beginning it becomes a pedestrian passage with a life of its own that gives off a lot of what the maelstrom of the city is. It even jumps back in time and takes you back in time with vintage clothing stores, vinyl and even flashy camera stores.

    This one has a potpourri of shops that we love:

    Vintage stores: Trash Closet, Flamingos Vintage, Urban Vintage, Bogo Vintage, Ohlala.
    Restaurant: Flaix & Kale.
    Vinyls: Impact record, Revolver records.
    Modern cameras: Casa Boada.
    Gluten-free food: Chök.
    Instruments: Guitar Shop Barcelona, ​​Auvisa Barcelona.

    mapa calle tallers


    Calle Tallers is one of veins that ends at Ramblas Canaletas where new proposals to discover are born.