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    What is ChatGPT used for?


    It’s already a fact that artificial intelligence is capable of many things, from providing information of all kinds to creating analyses and content as needed. To understand a bit more about what it’s all about, we asked ChatGPT what it’s really for. This was its response:

    • Answering general questions on a variety of topics, using information available up to September 2021.
    • Assisting you in drafting texts, whether for educational, creative, or professional purposes.
    • Providing information on concepts, definitions, and explanations in various fields of knowledge.
    • Generating ideas, solutions, or suggestions for problems or projects.
    • Offering tutorials and steps to follow for certain tasks.
    • Simulating conversations in different tones and styles.
    • Providing information about historical events, famous figures, literary works, and more.
    • Offering advice on lifestyle, well-being, and decision-making.

    -In summary, I’m here to help you obtain information, generate content, and answer questions. How can I assist you today?”

    It’s amazing to think that we could have simply asked it to write a whole article. To think that not long ago, we were searching for answers on Google, and now AI provides us with a much broader range of solutions than the famous search engine.

    On many occasions, we asked “happeners” how they often use ChatGPT:

    Alba: I use it for specific things, for example:

    • Graphics
    • KPIs saas queries to see if it’s within industry averages
    • Summaries in calls as a listener
    • It gives you ideas for creating more polished PowerPoint presentations

    Lau: I use it as an idea trigger. Sometimes, it serves as a starting point for creating content by just mentioning a particular topic to it.

    Anouk: In the workplace, I use it mostly to summarize a very large text, for example. It’s simple and gives you the main points of the text. Also, when I traveled, I used it a lot to get recommendations for places to visit, what to eat, restaurant recommendations, etc. Interestingly, I’ve also used it for more historical aspects, to learn more about elements in places like Rome, for instance.

    Natalia: I’ve used ChatGPT to fine-tune my writings, making it use a specific tone and a certain length. It also helps me with English writings, as it proposes ways to convey what I wanted to communicate but with different words. It’s also very useful for brainstorming for a specific project. Finally, it’s an excellent guide for trip planning.

    Another major achievement of AI is creating images from scratch with just a bit of information, like the viral images of Pope Francis sporting a Balenciaga-worthy look created by Midjourney, a website where thousands of people collaborate to create new worlds, fantastic characters, and unique images from brief text descriptions.

    papa vestido por Inteligencia artificial

    To make the most of artificial intelligence, we recommend following @chatgptruco, where you’ll find the best tips on all the things that can be achieved through this new technology.