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    claves para tener un cerebro sano

    10 habits to have a healthy brain


    After holidays, enjoying and eating so much, you might have some 2018 goals you’d like to implement. Within the most common goals, we’d probably find eating healthier to look well on Summer, to quit smoking, to rest importance to the negative things in life or to improve our working situation. It is true that in the current modern life (and probably in any kind of life) it is important to take care of our organism, but there is something we often forget: to take care of our brain, a fundamental organ for the human life.

    The brain is the organ which lets us regulate and control the actions and reactions of our body. It receives sensory information constantly, analyzing and responding to actions and body functions. In this 2018, we suggest to take care of our brains, to have a healthier life, especially for all those who work with a laptop every day (and sitting on a chair many hours), like most of our coworkers in Coworkidea. Some of the habits we can add or do more in our daily life are the following:


    1.Include all food groups in your diet

    It looks very easy, I know, but getting used to the habit of eating balanced and with items from all food groups every week ain’t easy. Several studies analyze how one of the keys to keeping our body and brain healthy is to eat combining all food groups diet with working out regularly. Obviously, it depends on the needs you have (losing weight, gaining weight, gaining muscle mass…) the food groups combinations should change depending on the main goal.

    2.Spend more time with your people

    There are some studies that show how people who share and spend more time with their beloved ones tend to implement healthier habits than the others who don’t do it. Sometimes, it isn’t just to be with somebody you appreciate or love, it is also very important to be near people with whom you can be yourself, feel relaxed and good, without any question it is a super healthy habit for your brain.


    3.Learn new things constantly

    This habit seems something more scientific and logic (and maybe very difficult to implement), but actually, it also has a lot to do with feeling fulfilled not just professionally, also emotionally. But today we’ll try to focus in one goal, and definitely, doing activities you’ve never done before provides you brain happiness, it keeps it active, especially if the activities are creative and require imagination.


    4.Avoid alcohol and caffeine

    One coffee in the morning or one beer before lunch can’t hurt anyone, but it is true we should take care with the quantities, an excessive consumption of these substances could cause bad consequences like depression, or memory loss.

    claves para un cerebro sano


    5.Relax to reduce the stress

    Is your daily life stressful? Do you have trouble getting asleep? Would you like to learn how to relax and don’t know how to start? There are several relaxing techniques depending on your goals/ interests (yoga, mindfulness…). Practicing any relaxing technique once a day can help you a lot reducing or calming the stress, and as a direct consequence, it will help you to have a better brain health.


    6.Laugh a lot

    It is also quietly known that laughing has beneficial effects on our brain, even it is very associated with the heart health. Laughing out loud helps our body to free serotonin and endorphins, thing which gives us an immediate brain pleasure. To laugh helps us to reduce the stress as well, and to endure better the pain, reduce the feeling of being nervous etc… Laugh and you’ll have a better quality of life and well being.


    7.Listen to more music

    The music therapy is also directly associated with the stress reduction, also of a less stress, mental and emotional disruptions. There are music pieces for all types of problems like insomnia, the high blood tension, the depression, the anxiety or a headache. That’s why it is very recommendable to take breaks during the day and listen to some good music, to give some oxygen to our brain and to feel better.


    8.Plan more

    Do you have too many things in your head? Do you have too much often a headache and don’t know why? To plan often doesn’t only help you achieving objectives, it also helps to reduce the stress and the headache or anxiety altogether. It is very recommended to make lists at the end of the day to know exactly what you have in your mind and what you need to do the next day. It is recommended to do it not just with your professional tasks, but also with your leisure/familiar/personal life things. In just one day you’ll see how your stress is very reduced and hor your dream quality is also higher.


    9.Emotional ventilation

    A good “emotional ventilation” consists in decreasing the tightness of the chest caused by non expressing your opinions of feelings. Experts claim that every time you “keep” something we thing or feel (bad or also good) it can have an effect on our health (body or brain). A possible solution it could be to identify somebody close to you with whom you have a lot of confidence and to meet him/her to give something off your chest sometimes.



    10.Sleep well

    The quantity of hours we sleep is something quite fundamental for our mental health and to work and life efficiently. It is recommended to sleep at least 7 hours per day, and if you stop this routine too many times some brain functions can be affected badly too. To sleep well, all the habbits recommended previously can help you so much. We also recommend with all our heart to listen Tibetan bowls songs before sleeping.


    We hope everyone a very nice start of 2018 and that you all make your wishes come true!