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    WhatsApp Business is finally available


    Ladies and gentlemen, WhatsApp Business is finally available, a new platform thought for companies, especially for the small and the medium-size ones, so also an ideal tool for startups and entrepreneurs. Its beta version was launched last September of the previous year and since then we didn’t hear anything else. This week the app is finally available on Google Play, and the version has been created for those users who want to be better connected to their business and to have a better and more direct communication with their clients (without downloading anything).

    WhatsApp Business news

    Whatsapp Business, same as Whatsapp, can be found Google Play (for free). Facebook owners since 2014, have explained that thanks to this new app companies will be able to have a professional profile (separate from the personal) and so to guarantee a quicker answer to their clients, sending welcoming messages for example. Companies will be able to create their profiles with a description of their activity, email, address, and website.

    The application has a new system of statistics analytics, which gives you the option to see how many messages have been read by your clients and other details which can help you plan the company’s communication (very useful for the startups as well). This new app will also be connected to Whatsapp Web (in case you wish so), so you can chat from your laptop, and contacts will have the option to know if they speak with a private number or with a company (it will be specified). It is important to say that this app, same as Whatsapp, can be connected just to one WhatsApp number, so if you wish to have both Whatsapp and Whatsapp Business in the same number, you can join the Business one with your company’s business number, for example.


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    Business Information

    The new app is apparently almost the same than WhatsApp, but if you go to settings options, you’ll see that there are many other options referring to the information about the contact. You can fill in many elements in your Business account (a part of the picture and the business address), like the location, clicking the option “choose an option in the map”.

    You can also add the business category (food, bank, beauty, health care…), the description of the business (it can be quiet long), the commercial time of your business (very useful for your clients, who will be able to check it out and ask don’t need to ask you anymore) or you can also add to have some fix sentences like “always open” or “with appointment only”, and also you can add the email and up to 2 websites related to your business.

    Tired of having both personal and professional life on the same mobile? You can change it very quickly with the new Whatsapp Business, also giving a complete service to your clients by answering sooner than ever.