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    procrastinacion al maximo

    The meaning of procrastination and it’s relation with freelancers


    You might often hear people or even your boss saying to you “You’re procrastinating this issue” maybe you know what they mean or maybe you simply have no idea of the significance of the simple word “procrastinating”. Anyway we’re gonna help you to understand why it’s important for a freelancer to be aware of the danger of procrastination. To be honest even the word is just too difficult to pronounce for us.

    The word, derives from latin. “pro” which means towards something, an object or a specific action and “cras” which means leave it for later or postpone. I’m sure we’ve all heard of the saying “don’t leave for tomorrow what you can do today” which is pretty apt now that we’re talking about overcoming putting things off because realistically,  that thing that you’re putting off until tomorrow you know it’s not gonna be for tomorrow ,you know is not even gonna be for the day after…nor the day after. Honestly you just don’t want to deal with it because you can find something much more entertainment to do and that my friends is what we call procrastinating.

    In the freelance world the term procrastinating has been in the spotlight for a few years now due to a TED talk (available on video below) that became popular amongst the self employed and co working community because it spreads the word that if you’re not working you’re not earning and if you’re procrastinating you’re wasting time, money and productivity. In today’s world distractions are readily available and so easy to entice us with just one quick look at social media or just two minutes watching videos but then …..3 hours, fourteen videos and a follow follow back from an old friend of a friend on instagram and congratulations you just earned a bonus in procrastination!! We can all relate to this and laugh a little but for self employed people, procrastinating can become a big problem in your professional life and must must must be kept under control if you want to be in charge of your success.

    fight procrastination
    Fight against procrastination.


    As freelancers, what importance should we pay to procrastination in our working lives…?

    Well, a lot! Freelancers who work from home have an even tougher fight as they have to deal with the daily distractions that their home presents, the television, tablets, pets, the fridge. Thats why it’s so important to be aware of your actions and procrastinating in your working environment. The more attention you give to your habits the more you can keep them under control.

    When we are faced with a tough job or situation that pushes us out of our comfort zone it can become very difficult to take charge and face the problem head on. In tough situations we are vulnerable to putting things off and avoiding the task in hand until the very last moment which can cause us unnecessary stress, anxiety and guilt. Now, its not to say that some last minute ideas and jobs aren’t genius but on reflexion of completing a task at the last minute most of us will find things that we missed or will be unhappy with the quality of work we have produced. Yet if you use your full time and effort to the task at hand not only does it provide self satisfaction but also a better turnout and productivity.


    How does procrastination work on the brain?

    Check the video below to watch a entertaining explanation from TED talk show –  Tim Urban.


    What are the consequences of procrastination in your work projects?

    • Failure to produce work to a deadline
    • Bad reviews from your customers.
    • Bad results and loss for your business.
    • Damaged reputation.


    How to stop procrastination?

    There are several tools and ways that will help you stop it. Agendas may become your best friend and a PDA personal digital assistant like a smartphone or computer with previously set alerts, To have a place to work with the perfect conditions and the best environment would definitely help you to stop procrastination. Take yourself out of your usual environment with your usual comforts and put yourself into a professional space where you can cut the temptations that lead to procrastination. The most important thing is that you must take responsibility for your actions as you and only you can change these habits!

    • Wake up early
    • Make weekly plans
    • Set goals
    • Maintain a good diet.
    • Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables.
    • Use post-its
    • Keep your workspace tidy.
    • Identify your most productive working hours and the hours you procrastinate most.
    • Use alarms and reminders.
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