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    3rd Edition of Geo-Innovation #GeomobBCN


    We present the 3rd edition of this increasingly recognized international meeting on Geolocation technologies with the presence of Ed Freyfrogle and companies linked to the sector.


    Meet-Up, a meeting on technology with the aim of providing a forum for learning and exchanging ideas on interesting services and projects related to localization.

    Everyone working in the localization space or with localization services is welcome, it is not necessary to be a GIS expert (although GIS experts are also welcome). What interests me most is not pure geotechnics, but the application of new geotechnics in services and products of all kinds. The aim is not launch presentations or marketing, but rather interesting talks by filmmakers about their experiences.


    Wednesday 2 October at 18.00.

    Open doors at 18:00
    At 18:30 we begin the talks with a brief introduction
    Each speaker will have slides and speak for 10-15 minutes.
    After each talk there will be time for 2-3 questions. The talks will be in English.
    We head to a nearby bar to chat and have some #geobeers or ‘Geo-Beers’,
    invited by the sponsors.


    Ana Pérez Bao presenting GreenDEX – using satellite image analysis to calculate vegetation cover.

    Diego Pajarito Grajales talks about his work in visualizing and understanding cycling networks.

    Saber Razmjooei will present Input, an open source mobile application (based on QGIS) for surveying.

    Sergio Morales of the digital parental control service Qustodio

    Paco Orozco from the online markets company Adevinta

    Coworkidea Coworking
    c/Torres and Amat 21,

    Metro: Universitat L1, L2 // Catalunya L1, L3

    FGC: Catalunya L6, L7, S1, S2, S5, S55
    Train: RENFE Catalunya R1, R3, R4
    Bus: 24, 41, 55, 59, 91, 120, H16, V13

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