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    The best 10 cities for digital nomads


    Being or becoming a digital nomad is nowadays something very fashionable, a lifestyle that is being spread more and more within the new young generations. For the adventurers and travellers being a digital nomad during a certain period of their lifes is the perfect plan: you can travel around the world with your laptop so you have the freedom to live and work from wherever you want to. At Coworkidea we are hosting and working often with digital nomads, and so we’ve decided to make a list with the best 10 cities for digital nomads around the world (according to our happeners).



    ubud digital nomads


    1.Bali (Ubud)

    Bali is definetely one of the top “in” cities both for holidays and for the digital nomads. Ubud, is specially a unique destination for its coworking and coliving development. In this region you can find coworking spaces with views to the rice fields or to amazing and breathetaking beaches for a cheap price, good wifi connection, lots of nature and the possibility of practicing many types of sports. It looks unbeatable right? It is also important to mention that the region is quiet tourist during the whole year, but during the summer it is probably not the most  peaceful part in the world, but this will depend on each profile of digital nomad.



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    Despite New Zealand is not primarily known for being a digital nomad destination, its capital concentrates lots of digital companies of the whole country and it is characterized by its modern lifestyle and its streets full of cafeterias, bars, restaurants and in the last years, its coworking spaces. The life cost is a bit lower than the rest of the country and you can find good Wifi almost everywhere.



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    3.Cape Town

    Also known as the “Silicon Cape” due to its late growth within the technological sector. It is a beautiful South-African city with an unbeatable point: it has 9 months of summer. This city has also adapted to the needs of the market and has built recently lots of infrastructures for the digital nomads. Every year, there are more and more coworking spaces in the area and you’ll be able to find lots of natural working places from where you can work enjoying the best views (also bringing pure happiness to Instagrammers) with a lot of peace to disconnect.




    san francisco nómadas digitales


    4.San Francisco, California

    San Francisco is one of the cities with a higher life cost in the United States (especially in the Silicon Valley), but it is also the paradise for the startups and the freelancers, because it is full of investors and companies very motivated and willing to hire and producing more. What we want to say with all of this, is that even San Francisco may seem an impossible expensive city for a digital nomad it can be a nice option during a while, because you can find easily and quickly new clients. By the way, the weather is ideal for surfing all day too….




    berlín nómadas digitales



    Berlín is a nice metropolis full of hipsters and a wide cultural offer. It is said to be a city where the Erasmus students are very happy and tend often to lengthen their stay somehow. This happiness can be also found within the digital nomads in Berlin. They usually find a creative and open-mind environment, full of hidden rare and peculiar spaces, with affordable accomodation, thousands of coworking spaces and this unique cultural diversity.


    barcelona nómadas digitales


    Our very loved city has become in just a few years into a top city for startups, investors and businesses from all around the world. If we add to all of this the fact that the freelancer community has also developed very quickly creating spaces and changing the traditional mentality of how we understood until now the work, we find an ideal scenario. Barcelona is one of the world wide cities with more coworking spaces, so it is probably ideal for digital nomads too (and in Coworkidea we have been able to prove it). The city has a good balance between work. cultural offer, leisure, beach and mountains.


    budapest digital nomads












    With a very low cost of life, Budapest is one of the cheapest capitals in Europe full of culture and very much authentic. The Hungary capital has also experienced a peak growth of the coworking spaces and the shared working spaces together with the number of accommodation places for foreigners. For the languages and history lovers, Hungary has one of the oldest languages in the world and it is said that they are a very interesting community to colive with.


    taipei nómadas digitales


    Taipei (in Taiwan, officially known as the Republic of China) is a busy city with lots of options for the digital nomads. The city is known for its unique culture (of the Southeast Asia) but also for its high tech development. The life cost is very low and the region is also gifted with a wide net of coworking spaces. If you have curiosity and feel somehow attracted to the Southeast Asian culture, this is one of your nomad life must-be spots.


    medellín digital nomads


    Medellín is one of the most important cities in Colombia very known for its history and for being the center of operations of the Colombian “Narco” drug trafficking. Nowadays, the city has nothing to do with all the drug stuff, it is the main industrial area of the country, full of entrepreneurs and good coffee lovers. The life cost is quiet low… And it is a must-say that between Colombians you’ll have lots of fun for sure!

    kuala lumpur digital nomads


    10.Kuala Lumpur

    This city in Malaysia has an exceptional balance. The cost of life is very affordable, the food is delicious, the transportation is connecting the city very well, the weather is very nice, there are thousand things to do and spectacular views. If you are searching a place a bit exotic from where to work as a digital nomad for a while, Kuala Lumpur is definetely one of the best options you can take.

    From Coworkidea we hope you liked our digital nomad cities’ selection and that it will be somehow useful if you decide to start a trip and become a digital nomad 🙂