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    Palma y Raquel de OM LINES yoga

    OM LINES: the touch yoga



    A few months ago we had the pleasure of meeting, in an Inspiration Week of Coworkation in el Montseny, the fantastic team of OM LINES, Raquel, Palma y Jose. A couple of weeks ago, they gave a yoga open class in Coworkidea to show a bit how they work and how good they do it. We took advantage of the occasion and we made an interview with them, because we think they are very cool and they do something very interesting and beneficial.

    How did all OM LINES start?

    The OM LINES project was born from an intense experience of Palma, in a very strict business environment that was demanding a lot from her. In that moment she realized the importance of incorporating techniques to regulate the stress levels, to learn how to manage better the most intensive moments at work and to incorporate healthy habits into the work routine. When the project was being created, i was incorporated (Raquel) to the team to open a new OM LINES working line more focused on yoga and healthy habits out of the companies/businesses, for all the people who just want to take care of themselves outside and inside.  To round it off, Jose started to be part of the project leading the physical activity line and the postural hygiene. These 3 lines (with more details) are the main working areas of OM LINES.


    Palma y Raquel de OM LINES yoga

    – What’s the OM LINES philosophy?

    From the get-go, for us, it is very essential the concept of  “healthy empowerment”, which means that every person (inside or outside of a business environment) could be capable of holding the reins of his health and making decisions that can let him/her live the best and full way. Many times this concept requires improving the physical, mental and emotional health. We are just another tool in this process of empowerment that lets everyone achieve their well-being objectives.

    Palma y Raquel OM LINES

    – Do you think that your product can fit well into the Coworking spaces?

    Of course, it does! Coworking spaces are very interesting because they are mixed spaces: they aren’t companies in a classical way, nor environments where people go in an individual way without interacting, like in a yoga centre. That’s why the incorporation of regular activities like yoga can be a very nice way of improving a personal side but also of strengthening the bonds of working together and the team’s belonging feelings. The type of yoga that we do within coworking spaces doesn’t have anything to do with what we offer in our studio of yoga, for example. The objectives and the dynamics are very different: we boost techniques to help to regulate our energy, have a better concentration, and to find a higher mental clarity to improve creativity, to regulate constant stress or also the result of work peaks… It is very interesting to see the changes inside the groups in a very short period, both in themselves and with their relations with the other coworkers.

    Palma y Raquel OM LINES

    – What is the highest professional and personal objective you have with OM LINES?

    At this moment we are opening our new yoga studio on Enric Granados Street in Barcelona and also our “operations centre” for our business relations with companies. In a professional level, this is our immediate objective. In a personal level, we feel very excited when working with “touch yoga”, which is basically a yoga line that we’ve been applying in our classes but also in ourselves and practicing it continuously. The touch yoga is basically the permanent accompaniment of the teacher doing some touch adjustments. The experience is completely different, it feels almost like an individual class even you are in a group., because it is a mix of a massage and yoga. The most surprising thing is how the body is able to integrate the directions of the postures without many efforts, freeing from the intellectual part that is constantly trying to understand and to judge everything and it rarely gets to turn himself into the sensations and that moment experiences. In addition, this yoga style creates very special bonds between teacher and student, a very nice mutual confidence grows every day, and this has been something very revealing for us… So we want more!

    The new OM LINES space will be open very soon, and it is nice to know that during the first month they are offering a promotion of the 2×1 to the new members of OM LINES. We love them and their work and we wish them the best luck and hope to make another collaboration together very soon 🙂