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    Barcelona Free Software en Coworkidea

    Meetup ‘Flatpak & Snappy’ (Barcelona Free Software)


    We have a new #Tech meetup in CoworkIdea, this time with Barcelona Free Software 🙂

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    The Linux wheel never stops, and a new year is the perfect opportunity to review how software is distributed. In this presentation we’ll see what are the current trends with a special focus on the Linux desktop, seeing technologies such as Flatpakand Snappy in action.

    We will see how to use applications developed with these systems, which are the advantages and how to make our applications use these platforms.

    These new tools aim to provide a solution to package apps just once and distribute them in a bundle, similar to how most of the apps work in macOS or Windows.

    Aleix Pol, KDE Discover Software Center maintainer and KDevelop developer will be presenting this, through his experience with pushing KDE Software on Snappy and Flatpak.




    * Day: Thrusday, 30th at

    * Place: Coworking CoworkIdea (Plaça Universitat, Barcelona)

    * Price: Free. Get your ticket! 👉 //

    * Organized by: Barcelona Free Software