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    coworkidea happeners

    Coworkidea happy 1rst Birthday!


    Hi community!

    These days we are celebrating… The last 13th of October of last year we officially opened our space on the first floor, time flies! During this year more than 300 people have passed through our space leaving us great experiences, synergies, collaborative projects and friendships. We would like to thank a lot to all of you who have bet on us during all these 365 days and also to all of you who are still doing it day by day.

    coworkidea one year inauguation

    We ourselves also put our part to make it possible…

    renewing coworkidea

    And on the 13th we inaugurated the space officially with a party full of surprises and lots of fun.

    inauguration coworkidea space

    For this first year of life of our space we also want to celebrate it with more surprises and presents for our happeners and community to thank their commitment. Today we are offering to all of them a relaxing tibetan bowls concert. Do you know what it is? To give you an idea, resounding a tibetan bowl we can modify our weak molecular structure turning it into a healthy and harmonic vibrations. Furhtermore, this vibration can alter the brain waves inducing higher consciousness states, a deep relaxation and a major capacity of a self-recovery. Many of us have never had an experience like this before, so we will be telling you how the experience was very soon, we are excited! After the Tibetan bowl concert we will toast with cava!

    Also, the next weekend we are organizing a Karts race with our happeners and a nice meal afterwards in a nice restaurant. Do you wanna be part of this amazing community of happeners? Come to take a coffee with us and see the space¬†ūüôā