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Evento de la comunidad 'Wordpress & Marketing BCN' en CoworkIdea

Doubling online conversion, a case study with Taeke Reijenga

02/05/2017 is a well known windshield repair company in the Netherlands. Over a period of a year we redesigned and redeveloped their website doubling their online conversion in the first 2 months after launch. 

In this talk I will use as a case study to illustrate the importance of good UI and UX for a succesfull website. Running WordPress as a CMS has many advantages but it is not automatically making your website a great website. 

How did we achieve a doubling of conversion and what are we doing to hold on to the conversion increase? 

Knowing that on average a car owner has a windshield chip or crack once every seven years you will understand that it doesn’t make a loyal customer. 

How to keep developing the platform and giving the client anadvantage over their competitors? 

Come and watch the speech to learn how.

Speaker: Taeke Reijenga

Language: English

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